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HQ was founded by Chloe Bruce and Helen Steinway-Bailey in 2024! Designed to create a safe environment for which we can help develop life skills beyond just the physical aspect of sport.
At HQ, we believe in nurturing not just martial arts skills, but also fostering positive mindsets and physical well-being in children. Our programs are designed to provide a holistic approach to training, where children not only learn martial arts techniques but also develop confidence, discipline, and resilience. Under our guidance, your children will flourish, gaining invaluable life skills that extend beyond the dojang. Through our encouraging and supportive environment, they will learn to set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and cultivate a positive attitude towards themselves and others. With a focus on both physical and mental strength, we empower young minds to thrive, both on and off the mat. Join us at HQ, where your children will embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a black belt!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At HQ we offer the ability to pay in whatever way suits you. You can pay per class, pay per half term (under 15's only) Or you can pay monthly.
To find out more about pricing visit our page here.

The benefit of the payment system at HQ, is that your training totally works around you and your schedule. However real results depend on how much you want it. On average you should be wanting to train at least 2 times per week.

For your trial class or first few lessons at HQ you can turn up in something you can move in. So joggers, leggings or shorts and either a t-shirt or Hoodie if it's cold. 
We do require everyone to have purchased a Gi (Karate Suit) However prior to their first grading. 

Martial arts teaches you the importance of self discipline and respect. With a huge focus on family, seniors and instructors. It also helps boost self confidence and encourages a healthy level of determination and focus. 

Not at all. We would never force anyone into the grading system if they do not want to go through the ranks, however the journey to black belt is so rewarding and one we highly recommend! 

Every injury is different, and although with certain injuries you will be able to do our more restorative programs and classes, we highly recommend you getting the ok via your physio/chiropractor or doctor prior to training at HQ.

You're never too old to start martial arts! Martial arts is a journey that can be started at any age and can bring numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Many people begin their martial arts journey later in life and find it to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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